Anti-bullying workshop

This morning, KS2 had an amazing assembly on anti-bullying. We discussed the importance or speaking out and not being a bystander if you notice any bullying happening.

Seal class were then very lucky to have an Anti-bullying workshop with Bigfoot. They worked extremely hard, creating freeze frames to represent different situations where bullying may occur. We then listened to a story involving two characters, Max and Jo. We discussed why Max may have being bullying Jo and the children came up with some in depth reasons. These included, because he wants to be in the friendship group; because he thought he has more power; because he had been bullied before and was worried about being bullied again and because Max wanted attention and was jealous of Jo.

If you were a teacher and this was happening in your class, what would you do? How would you ensure it didn’t happen again?



For Children in Need, and to celebrate the theme of this half term (Disability Awareness), children took part in Paralympic-style sporting activities on Friday.

This included Goalball, sitting volleyball, Boccia and Guided running. Take a look at our photos from Seal Class. Can you explain the rules of any of these games?


Homework due 21st November


New reading targets are being given to the children over the course of the next week, if you have time please support your child to practise the skill or action to achieve it.

Mental Maths

Times tables are always helpful, but we have been doing division, and next week we are starting fractions, so any of these would be useful to learn.

Spellings – Suffix -er and -est (comparative)

There are 4 different rules, which we will be learning in class, and these are the words linked to the rules…

Just add suffix




Remove the e



Change the y to an i




Double consonant



Dolphin Class reps for the new PTA


Dear Parents and Carers

We are Natalie (Gracie’s mum) and Burmaa (Miley’s mum) , Class Reps for Dolphin class.

We both have children at various stages throughout Selsdon Primary School and pleased to be part of the School PTA.

We would like to let you know about upcoming events, also would love to hear any of your ideas and concerns , to pass on to our PTA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our class email address is

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Natalie and Burmaa