Signing Porpoises!

Being able to communicate in different ways, with a wide range of people in our wider world, we feel is really important.

In Porpoise class, we have spent a little bit of time each day learning how to Sign using Makaton, using songs to help us build this skill.

We really miss our usual singing in school, and so we wanted to find an alternative way to enjoy our music! Sign Language is a really useful tool for communication, and helps us appreciate the struggles that some people face in conversing with others around them. Having this skill, will help us to contribute to a more accessible wider world.

Below, is a video of some of Porpoise class using our Sign Language skills to sign ‘True Colours’ from the film Trolls (they did it from memory – AMAZING!!). We really hope you enjoy!

Miss Jeffries is bursting with pride!!

Delightful, descriptive, designers!

In Porpoise class today, we have spent some time being descriptive writers, place value masters and designing architects!

Using the information from our assessment weeks of the Year 3 curriculum, this week we are spending time addressing some of the areas we need to practice.

In English today, we became describing ninja’s! We explored a gloomy, suspicious forest and used our knowledge of adjectives and practice of fronted adverbials, to write extended sentences to describe the setting. This let us practice our amazing use of conjunctions, similes and adjectives to write really interesting, characterful sentences!

Have a look at some of our fantastic work:

Maths saw us practicing our place value understanding, by explaining different 4-digit numbers using our knowledge of the value of each digit. We were practicing making the highest and lowest odd and even number possible using 4-digit cards. We are becoming place value masters!

We became…delightful designers! We discussed and debated different materials used to create some of the strongest bridges in the world. We then had lots of fun to design our own bridges, thinking about what structure our bridge would need and what materials would be the best, for our bridge to be stable.

Artistic Friday!

Porpoise class have had a very exciting day, focusing on ART!! We have showed off our knowledge from last year on different painting techniques to create different textures and effects and demonstrated our understanding of drawing from observation and different scales.

We have looked at Frida Kahlo & her painting techniques; replicated Frida Kahlo’s portraits and used still life to observe and draw fruit. We even got to use lots of different materials and textures to collage our fruit pictures!

Frida Kahlo inspired painting:

Still life observation & drawing:

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, Porpoise class! See you on Monday 🙂

Art for home school

Today we are going to look at the work of Frida Kahlo.

Look at the feathers of the parrot. How has she created texture and pattern? Look at the different shades of the leaves. How can you combine colours effectively to get the same effect?

What is it that you like/dislike about this artist’s style? What is it you like/dislike about this painting? How did she create shape/texture/pattern in her artwork? How would you use this style to inspire your artwork?

Today you are going to be painting or drawing a portrait of yourself in the style of Frida Kahlo.

Be sure to email your work to with your class in the subject line!

Spanish: Support from home

Good morning,

Today is all about SPANISH!

History: This is the Spain flag which was chosen by Charles 3. He had  twelve flags to pick from and he picked this one. Flags in Spain can … |  Spanje, Vlaggen, Vlag

First, can you create a mind map writing down everything you can remember about different colours you know in Spanish and the different body parts in Spanish? Such as, Hair; Eyes; Nose.

Next, can you correctly identify the different instructions the children in the picture below are following? For example, sit down; stand up; listen; silence

Finally, using your knowledge of days and months in Spanish, we would love it if you could create a monthly calendar! Include the Spanish days, numbers and month (you can choose your own month). Here is an example in English to help you:

July Month Calendar 2020 Free Latest Calendar & Holidays.

We look forward to seeing your AMAZING work!! Send it to us at:

Take care,

The Year 4 Team 🙂

Delightful D.T. in Porpoise!

WOW!! Porpoises, what a WONDERFUL day we have had in D.T. today!

We have designed a nutritious meal using our Eatwell Plates, describing what nutrition is and why it’s important:

We have discussed our ideas for what our DREAM BED might be!! Lots of us would LOVE a slide; a secret door; a princess net and even A HELICOPTER ROTATOR BED which can also turn into a MILITARY CRAFT! WOW how COOL would that be?! We wrote down our partners ideas and drew a labelled sketch including our design criteria, materials and step-by-step process.

I wonder if you can remember the 6 stages of designing? Hmm…have a think, can you tell your adults?

And then…we put our designs into real life!! We spent our afternoon making our partner’s dream beds, using LOTS of different materials – cardboard; lollipop sticks; coloured paper/card; felt; felt tips and sellotape. We had SO MUCH fun and our teachers were fascinated and impressed with our creations. Here, have a look:

Have a wonderful evening, we look forward to our day based on Geography tomorrow!

Maths Day!

In Porpoise today, we have enjoyed our Maths day. We got to use resources which made our day even more fun!! We were impressed with how much we remembered, especially about Fractions, Bar Charts and Money!! We also spent time focusing on Place Value; Time; Perimeter; Multiplication and Division and Addition & Subtraction.

Lots of activities were carried out throughout the day, it was VERY fun-filled and enjoyable. Take a look at what we have got upto today:

We are looking forward to another fun, engaging day revisiting our knowledge and understanding of D.T.

Have a great evening! 🙂

Porpoise get imaginative!

In Porpoise class, we have had a FANTASTIC day putting our English skills and knowledge to use! We have done lots of fun activities which have involved us maximising our imagination and creativity, using our writing and performance skills.

First, we took part in a fun “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” style quiz and we won ALL the ‘money’!!! That’s how brilliantly we have remembered sentence types; word types; conjunctions; vowels & consonants; sentence structures.

We had a great discussion about the different types of writing we learned about and practised in Year 3; the features we use in writing and the different grammar and punctuation we remember.

Take a look at some of our plans for our chosen piece of writing:

Finally, we had a go at putting our imagination, creativity and plans into our writing. We had Poems, Biographies and Fiction stories which we got to perform for the class at the end of the day. Here’s some of our wonderful examples:

A great day had by all!

Porpoise goes back in time! (History day)

We had so much FUN revisiting our History topics from Year 3 today. Myself and Mrs Wesson were SO impressed with all of Porpoise’s efforts and enthusiasm towards our activities today and what knowledge we all have.

First, we showed off our knowledge and understanding about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age – all about their lifestyle, leisure activities, clothes and housing. We also spent time remembering all the differences between the three ages!

Have a look at our Timelines and drawing of people living in each age:

Next, we moved onto the Roman Empire – did you know there were 2 attempts by the Romans to invade Britain before Claudius was successful in AD43? We spent time writing down everything we know about the Romans and Roman Empire; we took part in a fun quiz and compared housing and lifestyle before, and after the Roman Empire in Britain!


We got to HOT SEAT as Caesar, Claudius, Boudica, a British Soldier and a Villager. Pretending to be those figures in Roman history was so much fun and we had a great laugh, too!! Here is one of our class members hot seating as the famous Caesar – it sounded like he tried really hard, as the first Emperor to try and invade Britain!

We really enjoyed Hot Seating and using drawing to represent History. We hope to do more acting and role play in History!

SPELLINGS 14/06/21

Good morning year 4! Here are this week’s spellings.

Rule: Past tense irregular verbs & /or/ sound spelt /al/
High frequency words
Came (past tense of come)
Went (past tense of go)
Took (past tense of take)
Bought (past tense of buy)
Knew (past tense of know)

Spellings 07/06/21

Here are the spellings for this week. Remember to practise the spellings your teacher has asked you to do!

Recapping spellings learned last term, the rules including: Double letter common exception wordsWords with the /s/ sound spelt /sc/HomophonesThe suffix -ly The ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’Recapping spellings learned last term, the rules including: Double letter common exception words Words with the /j/ sound spelt -dgeApplying the suffix -ly to a root wordThe ‘f’ sound spelt ‘ph’ 

Last Day of Summer 1 in Dolphin class

Today we finished off our hats and enjoyed a lovely tea party! Well done to Dolphin class for working so hard this half-term! Have a lovely break and see you soon!

Today we finished off our hats and enjoyed a lovely tea party! Well done to Dolphin class for working so hard this half-term! Have a lovely break and see you soon!

Fun with Teeth! – Science

This afternoon, we have had a super fun lesson learning about and applying our knowledge about the different types of human teeth and their basic functions. Who knew marshmallows were such a great resemblance of our teeth?!

Using our cutting, sticking and moulding skills, we created our very own marshmallow model of our bottom jaw – naming each type of tooth and their function. Ask your child what the four types of teeth are, can they tell you what each type of tooth does with food?

We managed to mould marshmallows to form perfect replica’s of our Molars, and we cut marshmallows to make perfect replica’s of our Incisors!

A very fun, practical lesson and all the children were able to identify the types of teeth and their functions brilliantly! Take a look at some of the pictures below:

Spellings week 6

Good afternoon,

Happy Friday!

The spellings for this week include a range of spellings from last week and some new ones this week. This is because there were a few words from the spelling test today which a lot of children misspelt, so I feel that these should be practised and tested on again.

As with the past couple of weeks, at the teachers’ discretion, some children may be accessing slightly different spellings due to words which have been picked up on in their writing as being commonly misspelt. Your child will know which spellings to practice.

The main spellings this week will be focusing on the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’, these words are in red. The words which are black are the repeated words from this weeks test:

The alternative spellings for those children who are accessing them, are focusing on the ‘f’ sound spelt ‘ph’, these words are in red. The words in black are the words which are being repeated from today’s test:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Miss Jeffries and Mr Havies

How Surreal!

We have had such fun this term in Art, exploring and applying Surrealism to our Art project.

What is Surrealism I hear you ask? See if your child can tell you, they are experts now!

Linking with our Summer Term 1 theme of Alice in Wonderland, we used our sketching skills as well as using images cut out from magazines and newspapers to apply surrealism to our own Alice in Wonderland themed picture.

We had loads of fantastic imaginative creations using the relevant characters and objects from the story of Alice in Wonderland. There were mixtures of images being used to enhance surrealism through replacing characters faces; objects floating through the air acting as rainfall; the Rabbit Hole shooting random objects out of the hole (as oppose to the objects floating in the hole); the Queen of Hearts being enhanced as well as Dinah, Alice’s cat being enhanced through the use of a lion’s face.

Here are some of the works in progress, as well as some finished products which are on display outside our classroom 🙂


Amazing Art from all in Porpoise class!

Have a great evening,

Miss Jeffries