For homework this week, we would like you to read every night (and write a comment in your Reading Diary), continue to practise any times tables you do not yet feel secure in and learn your spellings.

This week in spelling we have been learning how to add the suffix -ous to root words and words with -ous at the end. Here are this week’s spelling words:


Appeal for magazines and newspapers!

Hello Year 4 parents, carers and students!

Have any old magazines and newspapers that are piled up and collecting dust?

Year 4 could really use them for our art assignment next Friday! 😀

Contributions of school appropriate magazines and newspapers would be incredibly helpful!

Students, there may be some team points or merits in it for you. 😉

Thank you very much!

Mr. Briell


Swimming Lessons

Hello parents, carers and students,

Tomorrow, January 9th, 2018, the year group will begin swimming lessons at New Addington Leisure Centre.  Swimming lessons will be replacing the PE lessons that we had on Monday last term.

Students are to wear their PE kits tomorrow and subsequent Tuesdays.  Please ensure that students bring their swimming kit in a separate bag containing their outfit, cap, towel and goggles (optional).  This will be counting as a part of their PE uniform.  I would also suggest bringing another pair of socks since the floors in the change rooms can often be wet.  Having damp socks through the day is an awful feeling!

Valuables should not be brought along since there are no locks on the lockers.

Porpoise class, make sure you are on time because we are the first group to leave! 🙂

Thank you!

Mr. Briell


For homework this week, we would like you to practise your spellings from the last week before the Christmas holidays. We would also like you to continue to practise any times tables you do not yet feel confident in – we will be using these in our maths next week.

The spellings we learned before Christmas involved adding the suffix -ly to change an adjective into an adverb. We learned that when the adverb ended with a y, we needed to change the y to an i and then add the ly, e.g. happy -> happily. Otherwise, we just added the ly, e.g. sad -> sadly.

The spelling words are sadly, finally, usually, completely, kindly, happily, angrily, merrily, greedily and lazily.


In Science this week, we learnt about food webs. The children built on their existing understanding of food chains and looked at how so many of these are linked together across different ecosystems. Before creating their own food webs, the children looked at pictures of lots of different plants and animals and considered how they might fit together. One of the children in Seal class had a stroke of genius and started to use crayons to show the different directions of the flow of energy around her table’s web. We all followed suit!


Over the Christmas holidays, we would like you to keep on reading and practising your times tables. There will be no spelling test during the first week back. We will ask you to practise the spellings we have recently learned for a test in the second week.

Have wonderful holidays!

Stringy Quads

Today in maths, we investigated symmetry. The children worked in groups of four – each with a loop of string. Their first task was to try and make a quadrilateral with only one line of symmetry. After they had found several shapes, they moved on to trying to make quadrilaterals with two lines of symmetry and finally discovered they could not make one with three lines of symmetry! Here are Seal Class in action.