Homework due Thursday 21st November











Movie making

Porpoise have been busy planning how they are going to turn their creative playscripts into magical movies, thinking about the different features they will add to their playscript films to emphasise the genre of their plays. We are excited about our playscripts coming to life!

Playscript prep!

With our play scripts written and edited with all the correct punctuation to evoke expression and feeling, we have written our final playscripts in neat into our Big Write books – ready to practice performing them to our peers at the end of the week.

It has been great to see the children’s imagination and creativity come to life in the creation of these playscripts, with their own passions and interests at the heart of it.

Exploring Multiplication

This week, we have been carrying on our multiplication topic in maths by exploring the commutative law – which states that it doesn’t matter which order you place the numbers in a sum, the end product will be the same. E.g. 5 x 2 = 2 x 5.

The children enjoyed using numicon and dienes to explore the commutativity of different multiplication and addition.

Creating mood through video art

We are enjoying looking at the different effects and features of video to portray a variety of moods, using different angles, lighting and backgrounds.

Last week, we explored the grounds of the school in groups to snap pictures at different angles and with different lighting to portray Happiness, Sadness, Confusion, Satisfaction and Calmness.

Speeding Away

In PE we have been practicing sprinting. We have been trying to improve our form to help us to run faster. Today, we tested running with our arms crossed to see how much impact our arm movement had on our speed. We have also been practicing running with long strides to help improve the distance we can run quickly.

Script Writing

In English, we have been creating our own scripts. We started off by thinking of independent ideas and then bringing these all together to create group ideas for our scripts. We have a wide range of scripts in the class from under water prisons to lost puppies! We planned and edited our scripts last week and this week we are creating our final copies ready to perform. Pictured are some of the children, practicing performing their scripts, we performed them at the front to check our stage directions worked!