Commenting on the blogs

We think it is really important to hear from all of you regularly. We would like you to make comments and to let us know how you are getting on with your learning. 

We want to hear it, even if it is just a quick hello!

So, we would like as many of you as possible to sign up to the blog, so that you can make comments. 

To sign up to the blog, access it via the Selsdon Primary school website and go to the year 4 blog. When you click on a post and scroll to the bottom you will see this. 

In order to make comments on the blog and add your contributions, you need to sign up to word press with your email address. You can also sign up using Google, Facebook or Twitter. 

Click on the W for wordpress. You can all sign up using Word press, and some of you have already done so. If you have forgotten your login details or they do not work you can reset it using the forgotten password link. . 

You all have a school email address and this can be accessed through lgfl mail. 

All of your login details would have been given to you during your Computing lessons. If you are not sure just ask your teacher. Also remember that your parents came sign up to the blog for you, using their own email address.  

Once you have signed up or reset your login details, you will be able to make comments and you will receive notifications when there are new posts or replies to your comments.

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Happy commenting and hope to hear from you all soon.

Welcome to Year 4!

We have to start by welcoming everyone to Year 4!

Can everyone please REGISTER to this blog – its the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” just to the right of this post. The blog will send you an email notification whenever a new POST is added. We will be adding some of the following information:

WEEKLY SPELLINGS (around 10 spellings per week)

UPDATES and INFORMATION / DATES (where useful)



Doors open at 8:40am, register is at 8:50am and lateness is recorded precisely at 8:50am. School ends at 3:05pm everyday.


P.E. days are:

Dolphin – Wednesday & Thursday

Seal and Porpoise – Wednesday & Friday

PE KIT for all year groups

  • Selsdon Tracksuit or Royal blue jogging bottoms (Navy or Black are also acceptable as long as they are plain);
  • Selsdon House T shirt;
  • Trainers/plimsolls;
  • Water bottle.

Sports clothing with large logos and/or slogans may not be worn.

Old/cheap trainers are best for work on the field (they will get muddy so please don’t send in expensive ones!)


Morning break snacks are still very much permitted (and encouraged!). However, please could we remind that these should be healthy snacks (fruit and veg are excellent choices) and be brought to school in containers and carefully, securely bagged.

Thanks for all your support. It has been so lovely to have a week where we have returned to some form of ‘normality’. We have seen everyone getting to grips with our new routines and expectations so beautifully this week. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 Team

Summer 1 in Dolphin class

Its been an emotional week in Dolphin class but I’m really impressed with how well you have all behaved and how hard you have worked!

I’ve loved watching you all learn and progress throughout the year! I’ll miss you all and know you’ll be happy in your new classes!

Good luck with your new classes and don’t forget to crack on!

All the best,

Mr Havies

Spring 2 week 6 in Porpoise class

The children have got creative in their DT lesson, creating their night lamps . The children join materials together using a range of materials strong enough to keep the lamp standing and hold a circuit. They look absolutely amazing!. The children went outside in to the playground and field to create their own OS map, creating their own symbols and plotting it onto a grid.
in music, the children looked at the four different Orchestra family the timbres and were able to identify different instruments that went into each family as well as the characteristics made up that orchestra family.

This week in Dolphin class

It is with genuine sadness that I informed everyone that I will be leaving the week after the Easter holidays. This is due to my family relocating to Birmingham. I am very upset that I cannot finish the year with you all, but circumstances are such that I have to move in April.
I’m so proud of you all! You have progressed so much since the start of the year and I am really chuffed that we are now winning best dressed class, getting stars for our attendance and being noticed by other teachers for doing the right thing. We will have two more weeks together and I plan to make them the best two weeks of the year! We have our treat day on Monday, the trip on Thursday and on Friday we will all get to show our adults all the good work we have done this term!

This week we finished off our nightlights! As you can see we had some very creative and inventive products made!

This week in Dolphin class

This week saw our first Times Tables Rockstars certificates handed out! Well done to Tyler, Sasmeka, Nayef, Mia and Casey for your hard work! We also ventured outside to look for invertebrates in science, and made some masks using paper mache!