This week you need to make sure you are reading every night and recording this in your reading diary like normal. You also need to continue to learn and practise your timetables.

The spellings to be learnt this week are:













Please could year 4 bring in any magazines (age appropiate) they no longer need from home for art on Friday 9th March. Merits may be awarded for any magazines brought in!

Booktastic Week

This week Dolphin class have braved the cold weather and the snowy conditions and enjoyed a week filled with book based activities. This half term the children have enjoyed the opening of the class library and they have been borrowing books and collecting stamps in their reading passports. They have been taking on the role of librarians and issuing books to their classmates. They have chosen challenging book and many that will be quite different from the books that they have read before. We also had our class trip to Selsdon Library on Monday. The children were introduced to the services that the library offers its members such as borrowing books, Lego clubs and even online access to books and information. The children enjoyed a chance to read some of the books before getting stuck in with some arts and crafts based around one of the Anansi stories. Yesterday the class transformed into a host of book characters as the children celebrated world book day. We were joined by Harry Potter, Mr Willy Wonka, The White Witch from Narnia, Miss Havisham and many more! The children all looked fantastic in their costumes. Keep up all the reading Dolphins!


Reward day for Porpoise!

Before we left for break, Porpoise class has earned a Mufti day which will take place this Friday, February 23rd, 2018.

Students will be able to come to school wearing their regular clothing and they will also be permitted to bring in either one toy or electronic.

Please note that SIM cards must be removed from the device prior to being used in school.

Well done Porpoise class!

Mr. Briell


Internet Safety Workshop

Before half term, Seal class were lucky enough to attend an Internet Safety assembly and workshop. They were asked to create still frames to show how people felt at different stages when they were using the internet. We had a great time and learnt lots of useful tips about how to stay safe on the internet!



Reminders for when we return.

Hello students, parents and carers,

Thank you for a wonderful half-term!

We wanted to raise some topics before we return on the 19th.

I’ve reminded students in Porpoise class that their reading diary entries serve as their homework.  If their homework is incomplete, yellow cards will be handed out.  Two yellow cards will mean that the student will serve a detention at lunchtime.

Also, water bottles are a part of our school uniform.  Please ensure that they are brought in daily and returned home on the weekend.  Since water bottles are a part of our school uniform, yellow cards will also be given if they are missing.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable break!

Best regards,

Mr. Briell


Dolphin Class Music Lesson

All the children in Dolphin Class have been working hard in music lessons this half term. They have produced a fantastic and moving performance of some of the songs from the Sound of Music. Myself and Mrs Proctor are both very proud of their work. Keep it up Dolphins!