Seal Class Reward

Seal class have been awarded marbles which has filled their marble jar.

On Friday 20th , we will be watching the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. This film is a PG. If you have any problems with your child watching this film please come and speak to myself or Mrs Wesson.

There will also be a Mufti-day on Tuesday 17th July 2018 for Seal Class.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Hackett


Class Assemblies

Year 4 will be participating in class assemblies to show parents what we have been learning this year. The class assemblies are on the Schools’ diary dates but there are a few changes. The assemblies will be as follows:.

Porpoise Class- 3rd July 2:45pm.

Dolphin Class – Thursday 5th July 2:45pm.

Seal Class – 17th July at 9am.


Roman Day!

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans throughout the summer term. As a final hurrah for our topic we will be hosting a Roman day on Monday 16th of July!

On this day children should come to school dressed as a Roman and they will need to bring in some Roman appropriate foods (They will be learning about these in a topic lesson during week 6). This selection cannot contain any nut products due to allergies in the year group.

The children will be creating Jewellery and helmets in their art lessons in the next few weeks so they will also be able to wear these during the day.

Art Resources Needed!

Year 4 have some very exciting art projects coming up in the next few weeks. There are a few things that we will need in order to complete these.

Please send in any newspapers and kitchen roll tubes. We will need lots of newspaper and at least one kitchen roll tube per child.

These will be used to create jewellery and helmets for our Roman day on Monday 16th of July!


In Seal class (as throughout the school) the children have been making posters and a display to show what they are proud of in their lives. They have represented personal talents, family, heritage and religion. Seal class have also created ‘Pride’ posters and recipes using different ideas about what they think you need to create a family. Ingredients they came up with were care, love, respect, loyalty and many more. The children will be carrying these posters as they take part in our Pride Parade next week. We are looking forward to this being a wonderful celebration!

Seal Class – School uniform

On Thursday 28th June, Seal class need to come into school in their SCHOOL UNIFORM. Even though it is a mufti-day for FoSP, Seal class are on their trip to Bough Beech so therefore need to come into school in full school uniform. I will arrange another date for them to have a mufti-day so they don’t miss out.

Dolphin Trip to Bough Beech Trip

Tomorrow (Thursday the 14th of June) dolphin class will be going on their trip to Bough Beech. Just a quick reminder of what needs to brought to school by the children.

  1. They will need a suitable bag to carry all items with them to Bough Beech.
  2. Children will need to bring a spare pair of shoes, one pair will need be to suitable for muddy ground and one will serve as the clean pair worn while the children are inside the water treatment plant.
  3. The children will also need to bring weather appropriate clothing. At the moment we are scheduled to have showers and sun so the children will need to bring a rain coat but would also benefit from having a sun hat with them in case they are outside during the sunny intervals.
  4. Unless already requested from the school, children will need to bring a packed lunch with them. Please note that normal school rules about what can be included in children’s packed lunch.
  5. If children suffer with hay fever, please ensure that they have had any necessary medications before they come to school. The trip includes long periods of time outside.

Children need to be in school by 8:50am tomorrow morning as we are due to leave school at 9am. Please also note, no toys or electronics are to be brought to school for any reason. We hope you are looking forward to our trip as much as we are!