Debate Time!

Year 4 this week have been looking at balanced arguments. For big writing next week, they will be writing a letter to Mrs Papas about whether they should wear school uniform to school or not. Today, Seal class had a debate about they thoughts on school uniform. It was a pretty even split with great arguments for and against school uniform. Some of the children thought it would be nice to wear their own clothes as it would allow more individuality and they would be more comfortable. Although, others argued that school uniform makes us all equal and keeps us safe when out on school trips. Well done Seal, I am looking forward to reading your letters next week.

What are your thoughts?



Seal class have been working hard over the past 3 weeks to prepare their coloured squared to create Mosaics. We have learnt about the different patterns used by the Romans in their houses. We have created our own designs to create amazing Mosaics.

Treat Day!

Dolphin Class have a treat day this Friday (18/05/18). They have been working really hard and showing fantastic kindness to each other.

The children are allowed to wear mufti to school. Lunchtime is likely to be on the field so please make sure that all footwear is suitable. We will also be watching a film in the afternoon. Please note that no electronics are to be brought to school. Well done for all the hard work Dolphins!


For homework this week, we would like you to read every night (and write a comment in your Reading Diary), continue to practise any times tables you do not yet feel secure in and learn your spellings.

For spellings, we are now looking at words from the year 3/4 list, which can be found in the front of your reading diaries. The spellings for this week are:










February (spelt with a capital letter as it is the name of a month)


Half way through this half term already?!

Dolphin class have been busy during the first half of the summer term. They have been learning about fractions, The Romans, Sikhism and lots more. We have lots of proud mathematicians this week and some excellent roman coins. We have also been looking at states of matter in our science lessons. Last week we carried out some experiments to prove that a substance can change its state of matter. We have looked at ice melting and water evaporating. Well done for a fantastic couple of weeks Dolphins!

Seal’s Fractions Gallery

For the past few weeks Year 4 have been learning about fractions in Maths. To show off the knowledge they have learnt, Seal class created their own Fraction Museum. The children spent time representing fractions in lots of different ways, these included using cubes, multilink, counters, paper, numicon and other various ways. They were very creative and impressed me with their knowledge of fractions. Once they had finished, they went around and choose imaginative ways that people had used to represent the fractions. Well done Seal class you really showed off your learning!

Arty Seals

Last week Seals had a very Arty end to the week. On Friday afternoon they worked very hard by creating their own Ik Onkar symbols and Roman Money. This term we are learning about Sikhism. We have looked at the story of Guru Nanak and the symbol Ik Onkar. The children created their own Ik Onkar symbols and decorated them to represent themselves. We also made Roman coins out of clay, they were huge coins to make it easier for the children to sculpt pictures into.