Porpoise get imaginative!

In Porpoise class, we have had a FANTASTIC day putting our English skills and knowledge to use! We have done lots of fun activities which have involved us maximising our imagination and creativity, using our writing and performance skills.

First, we took part in a fun “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” style quiz and we won ALL the ‘money’!!! That’s how brilliantly we have remembered sentence types; word types; conjunctions; vowels & consonants; sentence structures.

We had a great discussion about the different types of writing we learned about and practised in Year 3; the features we use in writing and the different grammar and punctuation we remember.

Take a look at some of our plans for our chosen piece of writing:

Finally, we had a go at putting our imagination, creativity and plans into our writing. We had Poems, Biographies and Fiction stories which we got to perform for the class at the end of the day. Here’s some of our wonderful examples:

A great day had by all!

Porpoise goes back in time! (History day)

We had so much FUN revisiting our History topics from Year 3 today. Myself and Mrs Wesson were SO impressed with all of Porpoise’s efforts and enthusiasm towards our activities today and what knowledge we all have.

First, we showed off our knowledge and understanding about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age – all about their lifestyle, leisure activities, clothes and housing. We also spent time remembering all the differences between the three ages!

Have a look at our Timelines and drawing of people living in each age:

Next, we moved onto the Roman Empire – did you know there were 2 attempts by the Romans to invade Britain before Claudius was successful in AD43? We spent time writing down everything we know about the Romans and Roman Empire; we took part in a fun quiz and compared housing and lifestyle before, and after the Roman Empire in Britain!


We got to HOT SEAT as Caesar, Claudius, Boudica, a British Soldier and a Villager. Pretending to be those figures in Roman history was so much fun and we had a great laugh, too!! Here is one of our class members hot seating as the famous Caesar – it sounded like he tried really hard, as the first Emperor to try and invade Britain!

We really enjoyed Hot Seating and using drawing to represent History. We hope to do more acting and role play in History!

Maths Day!

In Porpoise today, we have enjoyed our Maths day. We got to use resources which made our day even more fun!! We were impressed with how much we remembered, especially about Fractions, Bar Charts and Money!! We also spent time focusing on Place Value; Time; Perimeter; Multiplication and Division and Addition & Subtraction.

Lots of activities were carried out throughout the day, it was VERY fun-filled and enjoyable. Take a look at what we have got upto today:

We are looking forward to another fun, engaging day revisiting our knowledge and understanding of D.T.

Have a great evening! 🙂

Computing: What can you remember about researching and creating a presentation?

At School today, the children in Year 4 have spent some time researching a particular topic and creating a presentation on an iPad to display the information we have found on our topic.

Can you research your own chosen topic? This could be, a favourite sports player; something about the world for example, climate change or Space or it could be your favourite Disney character!

Think about:

How are you going to research about your topic? What are you going to use?

How are you going to organise your information?

What program are you going to use to create and display your presentation containing your research?

Have a go yourself! Do your own research and then create a presentation on your tablet/computer about your chosen topic!

Send your presentation to us at:


We are sure we will see some fantastic presentations!!

Computing Day!

In Porpoise class, we have spent time reviewing our knowledge and understanding surrounding computing today. This has included: E-safety; communication (including emails); research skills and programming.

First, we showed off what we know and what we’d like to find out more in e-safety. We discussed different scenarios, to talk about whether the people in the scenarios have acted safely or not, and how they could change their online behaviour to be safe.

We then did some research all about Spongebob and created a presentation displaying our information:

Lastly, we used our programming skills to get Character A from the start to End using different commands:

We also had P.E. today which we found SUPER fun (and so did the teachers! although Miss Jeffries lost a lot of the Rock Paper Scissors races!):

R.E. Day in Porpoise class

WOW! What a fun, packed, enjoyable day we have had exploring our knowledge and understanding of Hinduism and Christianity; including Christmas, Harvest, the birth of Jesus and the Easter story!

We have made our own Harvest Crosswords; written an invitation to our friends inviting them to spend Christmas with us, which enabled us to show our understanding of why and how Christmas is celebrated; used Role Play to act out the Easter story including narrations AND we even managed to squeeze in designing and creating our own exhibition rooms for a museum, to demonstrate our understanding of Hindu beliefs; worship and celebrations.

Have a look:

Our favourite activities were creating our crosswords; drawing our exhibition room and creating an invitation!

We are looking forward to another exciting day based on Computing, tomorrow!

Supporting learning at home: R.E.

Today, we have spent time looking at Hinduism; Easter; Christmas and the Trinity in Christianity to see how much we can remember from our learning last year.

We also want the children at home to have a fun-filled day full of R.E. activities. Here’s what we have been doing in class:


We have been designing an exhibition room for a museum – including Key facts: Names of key Gods; Name of a key celebration & why they celebrate this; special place of worship.

Children can include writing & pictures. What artefacts might they include in their exhibition room?

Hinduism - Wikipedia


Thinking about Harvest: What happens at Harvest? When is Harvest? How does Harvest link to the religion of Christianity?

Using these key words: Harvest; Festival; Thankful; Farmer; Crop; Vegetables; Rest; Weather and God, we have created our own crossword based on Harvest. Can you create your own Harvest crossword? Using clues and definition for the key words above to allow others to guess the correct word linked with Harvest.

Easter Crossword Puzzle for Kids | Worksheet | Education.com
An example of a crossword

The importance of the birth of Jesus & Christmas

We have also spent time today sharing our understanding of why the birth of Jesus is important to Christians, and how Christians celebrate Christmas.

Children can create an invitation to their friend/family member inviting them to spend Christmas with them.

The invitation should include:

When Christmas is; what special things happen on this day; where Christians often go on Christmas Day; what is traditionally eaten and shared on Christmas Day and why Christmas is celebrated. What does Christmas mean to Christians?


Easter is an important time for Christians, but why? What happened on Easter weekend and what does this mean for Christians?

Can you draw a picture explaining the Easter Story? Who will you include? What symbol will you include? Can you add a few sentences explaining what happened at Easter and why this is an important time for Christians?

Think about: How long is the period of Easter? What are the two most important days? What do Christians often do before the easter weekend? How is Easter Sunday celebrated by Christians?

The very strange history of the Easter Bunny

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.

We are certain that we will see some fantastic work. Please email your child’s work to:


With best wishes,

The Year 4 team