Homework due 28th June

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This week and next week in Literacy we are learning about how to write and deliver powerful speeches. For homework we would like you to find a famous speech that you think is powerful. Show us some or all of the speech and tell us why you think it is so effective. You can present your homework however you like.

Some questions to help you:

Why do you think this speech is well-known?

Do you find it persuasive? Why?

Does it use any memorable phrases?

Does it use any of the other features we have been learning about?


In spelling this week we learnt the ten words listed below. They do not follow any particular rule.

Breathe, build, busy, business, calendar, caught, centre, century, certain and circle.

Seal Trip to Bough Beech

Seal class had a brilliant trip last Thursday to the SES Reservoir and Water Treatment Centre at Bough Beech. The trip was incredibly informative and also lots of fun. We have great photos to share with you but won’t be posting them until the other two classes have had their trips, as we don’t want to spoil anything for them in advance!

Old Magazines

In a couple of weeks the children will be making their own Roman style mosaics. To help with resources for these, we would be very grateful for donations of any old magazines. If you have any that you no longer need, please give them to child to bring in to their class teacher.

Many thanks

The Year 4 team.

Lunchtime Surveys

We are looking at ways to improve children’s experiences during lunchtime at SPS. In order to get as many different viewpoints as possible, we are surveying all those who have an interest or involvement in school lunchtimes. As a result, we have devised questionnaires for parents and children and would be very grateful for your input. The surveys are short and anonymous. All you need to do is click on the relevant link below and answer a few short questions. Children will have an opportunity to complete their survey at school if they have not already done so at home.

Many thanks

Ms Gomulka and Miss Kelley

Parents’ survey –


Children’s survey –











Homework due on 21st June

Over the course of this year you have worked extremely hard at learning all your times tables. For homework this week we would like you to design a game to help with practising and remembering them. You might design a board game, memory game, a game involving action or an app for a phone or tablet. Take the game a step further and actually make it if you want to!


 This week we have learnt spellings with a specific rule:

 If the last syllable of a word is stressed and ends with one consonant letter which has just one vowel before it (like begin), the final consonant is doubled before adding any suffix beginning with a vowel. Our spelling words are:











Homework due on 14th June


This week in topic, we have begun learning about the Romans. For your homework, we would like you to research one of the Roman Emperors (not Julius Caesar as you have researched him already!) You can present the information you discover in any way that you like but here are a few suggestions to help you. You could create a fact file, information poster, Powerpoint presentation, song or rap, or write a story.

 Here are some useful websites that may be of interest to you:




Spelling words for this week: accident, accidentally, actual, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath and build.