For homework this week we would like you to; read every night (and write a comment in your Reading Diary), learn the times tables that you are not yet secure on and learn your spellings. Spellings and time tables need to practised in reading diaries.

For spellings this week we are looking at words that spell the -i sound with a -y when the sound is not at the end of the word. The spellings this week (to be tested on Thursday 13th September) are:










8 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Sorry should have included that – these spellings will be tested this Thursday. We understand the children wouldn’t have had the normal amount of time to learn them so we
    Ask that they do their best. Thanks


    1. Children are aware of their spellings and should have written them in their reading diaries yesterday. In future, children will write their new spellings in their reading diaries on a Friday and we will blog them as well. Thanks


  2. 3 days notice isn’t very fair on the children (or adults), considering their tiredness levels at returning to school, parents who work in the evening, and siblings starting school this week.

    Finding time to learn these won’t be easy.
    Have they already done them in class?


    1. We understand this week may be a little difficult for children, we ask that they learn them as much as they can and try their best. In future, spellings will be going out on Friday to be tested the following Thursday. We will be practising spellings in a spelling session and 2 handwriting session. I hope this helps.


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