Porpoise goes back in time! (History day)

We had so much FUN revisiting our History topics from Year 3 today. Myself and Mrs Wesson were SO impressed with all of Porpoise’s efforts and enthusiasm towards our activities today and what knowledge we all have.

First, we showed off our knowledge and understanding about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age – all about their lifestyle, leisure activities, clothes and housing. We also spent time remembering all the differences between the three ages!

Have a look at our Timelines and drawing of people living in each age:

Next, we moved onto the Roman Empire – did you know there were 2 attempts by the Romans to invade Britain before Claudius was successful in AD43? We spent time writing down everything we know about the Romans and Roman Empire; we took part in a fun quiz and compared housing and lifestyle before, and after the Roman Empire in Britain!


We got to HOT SEAT as Caesar, Claudius, Boudica, a British Soldier and a Villager. Pretending to be those figures in Roman history was so much fun and we had a great laugh, too!! Here is one of our class members hot seating as the famous Caesar – it sounded like he tried really hard, as the first Emperor to try and invade Britain!

We really enjoyed Hot Seating and using drawing to represent History. We hope to do more acting and role play in History!

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