Delightful D.T. in Porpoise!

WOW!! Porpoises, what a WONDERFUL day we have had in D.T. today!

We have designed a nutritious meal using our Eatwell Plates, describing what nutrition is and why it’s important:

We have discussed our ideas for what our DREAM BED might be!! Lots of us would LOVE a slide; a secret door; a princess net and even A HELICOPTER ROTATOR BED which can also turn into a MILITARY CRAFT! WOW how COOL would that be?! We wrote down our partners ideas and drew a labelled sketch including our design criteria, materials and step-by-step process.

I wonder if you can remember the 6 stages of designing? Hmm…have a think, can you tell your adults?

And then…we put our designs into real life!! We spent our afternoon making our partner’s dream beds, using LOTS of different materials – cardboard; lollipop sticks; coloured paper/card; felt; felt tips and sellotape. We had SO MUCH fun and our teachers were fascinated and impressed with our creations. Here, have a look:

Have a wonderful evening, we look forward to our day based on Geography tomorrow!

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