Spanish: Support from home

Good morning,

Today is all about SPANISH!

History: This is the Spain flag which was chosen by Charles 3. He had  twelve flags to pick from and he picked this one. Flags in Spain can … |  Spanje, Vlaggen, Vlag

First, can you create a mind map writing down everything you can remember about different colours you know in Spanish and the different body parts in Spanish? Such as, Hair; Eyes; Nose.

Next, can you correctly identify the different instructions the children in the picture below are following? For example, sit down; stand up; listen; silence

Finally, using your knowledge of days and months in Spanish, we would love it if you could create a monthly calendar! Include the Spanish days, numbers and month (you can choose your own month). Here is an example in English to help you:

July Month Calendar 2020 Free Latest Calendar & Holidays.

We look forward to seeing your AMAZING work!! Send it to us at:

Take care,

The Year 4 Team 🙂

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