Delightful, descriptive, designers!

In Porpoise class today, we have spent some time being descriptive writers, place value masters and designing architects!

Using the information from our assessment weeks of the Year 3 curriculum, this week we are spending time addressing some of the areas we need to practice.

In English today, we became describing ninja’s! We explored a gloomy, suspicious forest and used our knowledge of adjectives and practice of fronted adverbials, to write extended sentences to describe the setting. This let us practice our amazing use of conjunctions, similes and adjectives to write really interesting, characterful sentences!

Have a look at some of our fantastic work:

Maths saw us practicing our place value understanding, by explaining different 4-digit numbers using our knowledge of the value of each digit. We were practicing making the highest and lowest odd and even number possible using 4-digit cards. We are becoming place value masters!

We became…delightful designers! We discussed and debated different materials used to create some of the strongest bridges in the world. We then had lots of fun to design our own bridges, thinking about what structure our bridge would need and what materials would be the best, for our bridge to be stable.

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