Signing Porpoises!

Being able to communicate in different ways, with a wide range of people in our wider world, we feel is really important.

In Porpoise class, we have spent a little bit of time each day learning how to Sign using Makaton, using songs to help us build this skill.

We really miss our usual singing in school, and so we wanted to find an alternative way to enjoy our music! Sign Language is a really useful tool for communication, and helps us appreciate the struggles that some people face in conversing with others around them. Having this skill, will help us to contribute to a more accessible wider world.

Below, is a video of some of Porpoise class using our Sign Language skills to sign ‘True Colours’ from the film Trolls (they did it from memory – AMAZING!!). We really hope you enjoy!

Miss Jeffries is bursting with pride!!

6 thoughts on “Signing Porpoises!

  1. I absolutely love this, thank you so much Miss Jeffries for making a difficult time so much easier for our children. You are doing an amazing job. Hollie is very happy at school.


  2. Absolutely beautiful! What a lovely alternative way to enjoy and work with music – brought a tear to my eye!


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