Porpoise class Parents Evening 2020

Good afternoon Parents/Carers of Porpoise Class,

Parents evening will be taking place via telephone call next week (week beginning 9th November 2020). I will be making these calls Monday 9th November, Tuesday 10th November and Thursday 11th November.

I have devised a document whereby you can see the time slots, and days available. Please put your child’s name in the box marked ‘Name’, next to the time slot you would like me to call you in and ensure that you place your child’s name under the correct day which suits you best. This is a live document and so you will be able to see when a slot has been filled, once a slot is taken, it will be unavailable.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. I look forward to speaking with you next week to discuss your child’s progress and settling in.

The document is available via the link below:


With best wishes,

Miss Jeffries

3 thoughts on “Porpoise class Parents Evening 2020

  1. Good afternoon Miss Jeffries.

    I’ve not been able to add names to the document I’m afraid and I think a couple of other parents are having similar issues…any suggestions for us please?
    Thank you,

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    1. Hi,

      I can see some people have managed to select a slot I am still unable to edit.

      Can you help at all?



  2. There Google docs sheet does not have access to edit for parents to put down the names. Please change the access to edit.

    Omjay Dad


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