Year 4 spellings – week commencing 4/5/21

Good afternoon,

Happy Friday!

The spellings for this week are as follows:

We will be focusing on words which have the /s/ sound in them but are spelt using -sc.

The words for this week are:









As always, your child’s teacher will spend time teaching and working on these spellings during each day. However, please encourage your child to be practising these spellings for 10 minutes per day, alongside their usual reading to make sure your child knows these spellings ready for their weekly test on Friday 7th May. I encourage you to do practise tests with your child, to identify which words your child needs more practise on and which words your child has a strong knowledge in, it would be useful to do this in a random order (not necessarily the order which is here on the blog) as sometimes the order of words is memorised, not necessarily the spelling.

In Porpoise class today, we had 22 children achieve 10/10 in their spelling test which is the highest number of full marks we’ve had this year! A very proud moment.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend 🙂

Best wishes, Miss Jeffries

Where does money come from?

In PSHE today, we spent time learning about money; why we need money, where we can get money from and why we choose to go to work.

Porpoise class had some really interesting discussions about where we can get money from, whether we go to work or don’t go to work, as well as discussing why people choose to go to work. The children are very insightful and knew a whole array of ways to get money including working; selling things online through things such as eBay; as well as from services such as the Government. Some even said ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’!

We created some Job Advertisements to encourage deeper thinking surrounding the skills someone might need for that job; what that job entails and why someone would want to do that job. Take a look at our work in progress:

I was particularly amazed by how much they have picked up and understood about what it means to be a Teacher and what skills I need to have and bring to work each day!

Remote Learning – Year 4

Good morning Year 4,

Welcome back to our new Spring term. I know things are very different to what we had expected, and there are some new changes. These can feel nerve-racking and cause us to feel lots of mixed emotions, however you are feeling, whatever emotions, it is OK. We are all feeling lots of different emotions in these strange times. We are in this together, and all the staff at Selsdon, and your parents/carers are here to help you feel at ease and to ensure that you are OK.


Dear parents following the announcement of school closures until 18th January, all learning will be moved online. To facilitate this, the school is moving to use SeeSaw and Zoom for daily activities and lessons. This post contains:

  • Key info for remote learning this week.
  • Key info for plans tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Introduction to software we will be using during remote learning.
  • Weekly timetable during remote learning.


Tomorrow (Tuesday), your class teacher will be hosting Zoom video calls at the times below to introduce some new tools and welcome children back. All pupils are expected to join if they are not in school and they can do so. Pupils in school will be joining these Zoom video calls and supported to access activities from school. Zoom details will be texted out in the morning.

  • 10am – Welcome back / registration
  • 10:15am – Rules & expectations whilst using Zoom
  • 11.15am – How to use SeeSaw & Activity 1
  • 1.15pm – Registration using Zoom & Activity 2
  • 2.15pm – Story time


SeeSaw is a platform used by schools to post learning activities. It is easier to track activities and responses, and pupils can reply with pictures, written comments or even videos. This gives us lots more opportunities for interesting remote lessons. 

We have emailed each of you with your login to our class.


Zoom is a free video calling software. It has be regularly used throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as used extensively by schools and teachers to facilitate remote learning.

Year 4 Timetable

We have devised a timetable for Remote Learning, which we hope will help keep our routine in place and motivate our learning.

We understand that these are really challenging circumstances, and with little notice from the authorities, we apologise for the late notice of these changes.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support through this ever changing times.

With best wishes,

The Year 4 Team

Final week of term!

In Porpoise class, we have had a FANTASTIC last week of term.

We have made Christmas decorations in D.T., we have perfected our Gymnastics and performed amazing routines in P.E. and we have written Winter poems in English.

Myself and Mrs Wesson are extremely proud of ALL the children in Porpoise class. It has been a tricky transition back into new school routines, coping with our various emotions due to the current COVID circumstances alongside being positive, proactive, engaged learners. You have all done INCREDIBLY and you should all feel very proud of your progress this term.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Porpoise adults for being so supportive and working so positively alongside us this term, as we all adjust to new routines across the school and new procedures. We are extremely grateful and are looking forward to continuing this next term. Thank you!

All that is left to say, is have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! We look forward to seeing you in January 🙂

With best wishes,

Miss Jeffries & Mrs Wesson

English: 18.12.20

Good morning Year 4,

It’s the LAST DAY OF TERM!! All of the Year 4 team are so proud of how hard you have worked, and all you have achieved this year. You should be too!

Today, you are going to be writing your own Acrostic winter poem.

Let us celebrate your poems with you:

Take care,

The Year 4 Team

English: 15.12.20

Good morning,

From today until Friday, we are going to be learning about different descriptive literary devices which we will apply to writing our own Winter poems at the end of the week.

Send us your wonderful work:

Take care,

The Year 4 team