Plastic water bottle

On Thursday, Year 4 will be completing science experiments. As part of our experiments, children will need to bring a 500ml clear water bottle, e.g. a coke bottle without itslabel or a plastic water bottle. These will not be able to be drunk from so please ensure this is brought to school along with your child’s normal water bottle.ย 51JKZLBSFpL._SY450_


Roman Numerals

This week in Maths, sticking to our Roman day theme, we have been extending our learning with some fun Roman Numerals activities. Today we will be consolidating this learning with a Roman Numerals game. Here is the link if you’d like to have a play at home too.

Which Maths lesson was your favourite this week and why?

Seal treat day!


Seal class have filled up their marble jar! Well done!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th July, we will be having our treat afternoon, so wear your own mufti clothes and you are allowed, with your parentsโ€™ permission, to bring in games, including electronics, but no phones. Reminder: There is no internet connection, so make sure your game is downloaded (or made of laminated cardboard).

Fresco Art

Over the past few weeks, Seal class have been working hard on their Fresco art to ensure they have an amazing piece of work to show at our Proud march. This art work had to represent them in some form. Some children drew flags, some drew hobbies and some drew family.

The steps we followed were: painted the background onto plaster; then used chalk to draw the foreground; next we had to crack the plaster and finally we covered our art in PVA glue. Here is a sneak peak at our amazing work!

Fresco Time!

Seal have begun to create their ‘What I am Proud of’ Fresco paintings. This week we painted the background of our picture onto plaster. To finish off our art work, next week we will use pastels to create the main picture for our Fresco. We are very excited for you to see our finished work at the march!