Porpoise Treat Day (23.5.19)

Well done Porpoise Class, you have filled your marble jar!


Tomorrow (Thursday 23rd May) you can wear your own clothes (mufti) and bring in games of your choosing. These can be board games, card games, playground games or electronic games. Please note, phones are not permitted, and iPads etc must have your game downloaded as there is no internet access at school. Please ensure your game/device is named clearly. The school cannot take responsibility for damage, loss or theft of personal property.


Homework due 22nd May

Apologies for the late sending of this… The automatic timer decided to not set.


Continue reading books you enjoy, as well as books that challenge you! Record comments every day including the weekend.

Mental Maths

We have been looking at fractions and next week we will look at number problems including using the commutative law (where the numbers can be moved around to give the same answer)


Year 3/4 spelling words

accident(ally) learn both words here, you may be tested on either

actual(ly) learn both words here, you may be tested on either









Homework due 15th May 2019


We are seeing some excellent evidence of reading and varied comments – keep up the good work everyone.

Recommended read: Image result for fact books about the earth Planet Earth by Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd.


Mental Maths

We are continuing with our fraction work, including equivalent fractions, so you could calculate your own equivalent fractions, so show fractions in a range of ways, as well as beating your high score on Times Table RockStars!


Spelling: Prefixes     re-   sub-  and  inter-











Dolphin Treat Day Friday 10th May


Congratulations Dolphin Class, you have filled your marble jar again! We will celebrate on Friday with Pyjamas (or comfy clothes) and ‘electronics’. Please note, your parents have the final say on what you can bring to school, and whichever you choose MUST be named. No phones please, and remember there isn’t internet access so make sure your games are downloaded/on cartridges. Enjoy!


Apologies for the lack of homework that went up for just Year 4 (the whole school homework is an ongoing thing).

Reading and Mental Maths is a weekly expectation, more open to the interest of the children.

This week, the spellings will be taught but NOT tested, we will do a spelling activity instead.

Prefix super-

supermarket, superman, superstar, superhero

Prefix anti-

antiseptic, anticlockwise, antisocial, anti-climax

Prefix auto-

autobiography, autograph

Project time – Homework to get the family involved!

​As part of our half-term focus on the environment the whole school homework will be to design and make a diorama using recycled materials. In July they will be displayed in the school hall with prizes for the most innovative and interesting entries.

What is a diorama?

  1. A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit.
      a scenic painting, viewed through a peephole, in which changes in colour and direction of illumination simulate changes in the weather, time of day, etc.
    • a miniature film set used for special effects or animation.

PE Days update

Thank you for being patient, we have now confirmed that our PE days have reverted back to Mondays and Wednesdays. Please from now, until the end of the year, send your child in PE uniform on these days. Many Thanks!