P.E. 8.7.20

Good morning Year 4,

Here are your P.E. activities for this week which the P.E. team have marvellously put together for you.

Our focus for this week will be on the Croydon SSP homeletics virtual competition, remember you have until 10th July to enter your scores! 


Curfew catapult – For this event you will need enough space for 5 big steps, a pair of socks and a target, this could be – a washing basket, a hoop on the floor or even a circular target made out of shoes! Place your objects you are going to use as your target, around 5 big steps away from you. You will need to set your timer for 2 minutes, in these 2 minutes you need to try and throw your socks into your target as many times as possible. Try and keep track of how many times you managed it, and send in your best score! 

Lockdown long jump – In this event, you will need enough space to be able to jump forwards. Set yourself a starting point, jumping with two feet, you are going to jump as far as you possibly can, landing on two feet. Once you have landed try and keep your balance, if you are able to measure your jumps, you will measure it from the back of your foot that touches the ground first. Give it a go, measure it if you are able to, send in your best results! 

The Croydon SSP ‘Croydon Primary Schools Virtual Athletics Competition’ will be up and running until the 11th July. This will give you more information, incase you are unsure:

https://www.croydonssp.co.uk/competitions/virtualcomps/primary-homeletics If link does not work, search; Cryoydonssp.co.uk > Hover over competitions&events > click viral competitions > then on the left it should say Croydon Primary Schools Years 3-6 Virtual Athletics Competition​ (click on that).

Take care, and enjoy!! Let’s see what fantastic results you can get 🙂

Lots of love,

The Year 4 team x

P.E. week beginning 15.6.20

Hello Year 4,

I hope you have all still been busy being active during your time at home. Remember how important it is that you are active for at least 30 minutes each day, this benefits us physically and mentally.

You are all doing fantastically keeping up with your home learning and staying motivated. If you are starting to feel a little bit unmotivated, fed up and feeling more lethargic (tired), this is completely okay. We all have these moments especially after being at home for so long! Taking part in the weekly P.E. activities will help this and boost your mood each day, so give it a go.

Activity 1: This has been suggested as an activity before, but here’s a reminder in case you have forgotten the details

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Get-Set for Tokyo

This is a great activity based website which has a range of resources and ideas which can be done at home around the theme of Tokyo 2020 Olympics (which has now had to be postponed until 2021 😦 )


And, of course, don’t forget about the wonderful Joe Wicks who is continuing to do his brilliant P.E. at home, on YouTube. Although, he will now only be doing 3 live P.E. sessions a week (we all need a bit of a break sometimes!). So the activities above will be great alternatives, too 🙂

We hope that you enjoy these activities and have great fun staying active!

Take care and stay safe,

The P.E. team, Miss Jeffries and the Year 4 team 🙂 x


Good morning,

In addition to the activities I posted for you to enjoy and stay active with, on Monday – which I hope you have been finding fun and different!

The wonderful P.E. staff have found some great activities and videos for you to get stuck into to keep healthy and active, too! Get your sports gear and trainers on and prepare for an upbeat, cardio, high-intensity (but fun!) workout:

The P.E. staff have also created a challenge for you to get stuck into….the PLANK CHALLENGE! The aim of the challenge is to see how long you can stay in the plank position for. First, get into the plank position (forearms on the floor with the rest of the body in a straight line, off the floor). Then, set the timer or stop watch and record how long you can hold your plank for.

You should try this challenge 3 times within 20 minutes! Record your score each time and see how your time improves. Here is a video to help if you are unsure:

We challenge you to, at first, hold your plank for 45 seconds…if you find that easy then…

If you want some healthy competition, challenge yourselves to beat Miss Jeffries’ time.

Miss Jeffries can hold the plank for just under 2 minutes.

Good luck, let us know how you get on! 🙂

The P.E. Staff, Miss Jeffries and The Year 4 Team 🙂

Stay Active!

Here is your weekly exercise reminder to stay active, and do at least 60 minutes of exercise each day to help both our bodies and our minds.

If you’re looking for a new way to be active during our time at home, here are some fun new ideas you may want to try:

  1. Make your own mini olympics. This could be done in your garden if you have one, or in a big park (but remember to stay at a big distance from others!). You could include, Relay Races; Keepy-Uppy challenges; Who can do the most starjumps in a minute; Sack Races (you could use a bing bag instead of an actual sack).
  2. Have a big old boogie! Dance it out. This could be using Just Dance on YouTube; making up your own dance routine to your favourite song; you could sign up for a free online dance class.
  3. Set up your own Laser Maze. This will help with moving and stretching all your muscles, even ones you didn’t know you had! All you need is some string, ribbon or tape. You can turn your hall way or living room into a ‘Laser Maze‘, tie the string in a zig zag pattern at different heights and challenge yourself to get from one side of the space to the other by moving in and out of the maze without touching the string (laser!).
  4. Make different activity stations in your home. You could make signs for each different ‘area’. Each different ‘area’ would represent a new exercise. You could have planks; starjumps; high knees; push-ups etc. Challenge yourself but don’t do anything you’re not sure how to do – you don’t want to hurt yourself but you do want to get your heart beating faster!

But let’s not forget our classic favourites which we have been enjoying…

  1. P.E. with Joe!
P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach

2. The Real P.E. Programme! Login details:

Email: parents@selsdonpri-1.com

Password: selsdonpri

Jasmine - Welcome

3. Premier League Primary Stars for P.E.

Website: plprimarystars.com

Class Code: JP02BG

Premier League Primary Stars - BURTON ALBION COMMUNITY TRUST

4. GoNoodle


Moose Tube - GoNoodle

‘The Learning Station‘ on YouTube also has lots of fun and active brain break videos, which you can do multiple times throughout the day:


Have a great week having fun and staying active! We’d love to hear what your favourite way of staying fit and healthy is during our time at home 🙂

Take care and stay safe,

The P.E. Staff, Miss Jeffries and The Year 4 Team 🙂

Let’s keep moving!

I hope you have all been keeping active and fit during your time at home. Daily exercise is just as important for you as it is to be baking a cake or doing your school work!

I have really been enjoying my daily exercise – I LOVE Hula Hooping and I can Hula Hoop for 45 minutes straight, without it falling off my waist (I’m very proud of myself!). I also enjoy going for a long walk and running – it is really good for the mind and a change of scene during the day! As always, we still highly recommend P.E. with Joe Wicks on YouTube – such fun, right?! and we hope you have been having a go at the Real P.E. activities which we posted about on the blog a few weeks ago, with the log in details.


To join in with the Premier League Primary Stars for P.E. with lots and lots of fun activities for you to join in with – I bet you have all been searching for an opportunity to get your whole family involved, right?! Well, now’s your chance…this site gives you weekly ‘Family Challenges’, as well as activities provided from Professional Football Clubs.

The website to use is: plprimarystars.com

You may come across a particular activity or section of the site that you want to have a go at but you might find it’s locked. Well, do not fear, the P.E. staff have created an account which gives you a class code which you can use to register for your own account:

Class Code: JP02BG

To create your own account:

The button looks like this
  1. Click ‘Register’ in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. Click on ‘For Pupils’ in the middle of the new page that has come up.

Follow the instructions they now tell you.

Keep calm and stay active!


The P.E. Team, Miss Jeffries & The Year 4 Team 🙂

Keep calm and let’s move!

Good morning Year 4!

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you have all been keeping fit and active over the Easter break, despite us not providing you with the material.

Cartoon kids yoga with different yoga poses vector image on ...

Remember that getting active by doing daily exercise is so important for our mental health as well as our physical health, both are equally important. So, here are some super enjoyable and fun activities to get us all moving each day throughout this week. We should be aiming for at least 30 minutes a day, any more would be a bonus!!

Jasmine - Welcome

Unfortunately, Anthony hasn’t made a special guest appearance this week but he has kindly provided you with access to lots of fun challenges, games and activities for you to get involved with in ‘Real PE’.

To access the ‘Real PE Programme’, you can visit this website: home.jasmineactive.com. You will need:

Email address: parent@selsdonpri-1.com

Password: selsdonpri

Here are some more enjoyable exercises for you to have a go at, too:


PE with Joe Wicks is still going and is as excellent as ever! A brilliant way to start the day and wake up our minds.

Blazer Fresh - GoNoodle



Have a great time dancing and singing along to a whole range of fun videos! This is a great brain break activity in-between your learning.

A personal favourite is ‘Go Bananas’ on GoNoodle’s MooseTube.

If you want a particularly enjoyable sing & dance along video for all the family – ‘Show Us What You’ve Got’ is a great one on GoNoodle MooseTube!

LittleSports Daily Exercises

This 25 minute daily child friendly workout is great for working all the muscles in the body!!

Football Tutorials & Practice

We know that so many of you really enjoy your football and playing football inside & outside of school. You are no doubt missing doing this!

These are the F2 Freestylers and they have lots of tutorials and football skill videos on YouTube. So, if you have a garden or access to the outdoors this may be a great opportunity to brush up on those ball skills! If you don’t have a football, you could improvise with something soft and round such as a Toilet Roll (but ask your parents/carers first!)

Cosmic Kids Yoga

As always, we must also remember to relax our bodies and take care of our minds.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is an enjoyable way to do this, either in place of more energising activities or alongside each day.

Have fun and enjoy!

Take care,

The Year 4 Team

25/3/20 – Exercise!

Have you been keeping up with Joe Wicks’ work outs at 9am? Remember you can subscribe to his Youtube channel and get notifications when the work out is about to begin!

Follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Or if you decide you want to try something a little different today, why not have a go at this 10 minute standing yoga? This will help you to relax, refresh and restart you brain for the day!

Let us know how you get on!

Best wishes,
The Year 4 Team