Home Learning – Geography

Hello year 4! For today’s activity you’ll need to load this website as it contains a map of the earth with the countries that the equator runs through. (http://www.indiagk.net/2016/07/equator-passes-through-which-countries.html)

Please do send your work to year4@selsdonprimary.org.uk with your name and class in the subject line!

Home Learning – Geography

Good morning year 4! Welcome back and we hope you had a relaxing half-term break!

Today in geography we are going to ask you to think about the following:

Does Britain have volcanos?


To answer this question you will need to read through this blog post and answer these questions in your topic books, on paper or on a computer.

  1. How are volcanos formed?
  2. What causes an eruption?
  3. What are the three types of volcanos?
  4. Where can you find volcanos?


Jenny says that Britain has inactive volcanos in Scotland, like Ben Nevis. 

Carl argues that there are no volcanos in Britain because it is not on a fault line of tectonic plates. 

What do you think? Does Britain have volcanos? Write down what you would say to them.

Be sure to send your work to year4@selsdonprimary.org.uk if you’re in Porpoise class, or dolphinyear4@outlook.com if you’re in Dolphin class.

Geography – Home Learning

Happy Monday year 4! today in geography we are going to learn how to use the terms north, south, e east and west.

LI: To use the language of north, south, east and west

​Success Criteria​

  • I know Europe is one of the 7 continents​
  • I can name four countries in Europe​
  • I can use north, south, east and west when talking about directions.​

We live in the continent of Europe. Europe is made up of different countries.

Lets use google maps to look at Europe!

Go to https://goo.gl/maps/7vVLLHEzdzmNTofe9 to view Europe in google maps. Take a look at the map. Try zooming in and exploring Europe!


​Write these sentences out in your topic books and replace the ______ with the correct direction: north, south, east or west.​

​Example: England is to the south of Scotland.​

Austria is to the _____ of Germany.

Andorra is to the _____ of Spain.

Russia is to the ______ of Finland.

The UK is to the _____ of France.


​Now your job is to plan a road trip around Europe! ​

Starting in Switzerland, you are to visit 4 other different countries. ​

Each country has to be touching one another. You’re driving a car not flying a plane!​

Try to include north, south, east and west at east once. ​

If a country is both north and east then just write one direction down.​

Write the directions in your books like this​

“First travel north to GermanyThen go south to Austria.

Please email your work to year4@selsdonprimary.org.uk and put your class name in the subject box. We look forward to seeing what you do!