Goodbye my precious Porpoises!

To my courageous, precious, talented, positive piranhas (Porpoises)…

We have made it to the end of Year 4…and what a year it has been!

From our first day in Porpoise class…to our African drumming workshop…to our year group assembly showing off our biographies about African Musicians…to our Geography trip up Selsdon high street surveying the use of buildings…to creating and performing our own plays…to our fabulous adventure to Madame Tussauds…to creating our own Alice in Wonderland Top Hats for our Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party…to creating our own play-doh moulds of our teeth! And all the wonderful, fun activities in between…be it jokes in the classroom, laughing over me getting in a muddle…or racing in the playground…

WE HAVE HAD A WONDERFUL, EXCITING (and challenging) YEAR! It has been an absolute PLEASURE and JOY to teach each and every one of you. Each of you are a ray of sunshine, with such talent, curiosity and kindness – take that with you into Year 5!

You are ALL going to have a fantastic, fun time in Year 5.

Remember to look out for each other, look after each other, be kind to each other and always try your hardest in all that you do. You are capable of more than you know, and can achieve anything you wish to.

Dream Big and Be Kind, ALWAYS!

I will miss you all.


Miss Jeffries x

My lovely Porpoises

It’s Thursday!!

One more day until the Summer holidays, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be feeling slight mixed feelings about it –

Sad because I won’t get to teach you wonderful, glorious group but also happy because we’ve made it to the end of a really challenging, strange year!

For now, here are the next THREE chapters of The BFG…let’s hear what Sophie and The BFG get up to going to the Queen…

Lots of love,

Miss Jeffries x

Fabulous Porpoises

Good morning Porpoise class,

Happy Tuesday!!

I miss you all so much and am looking forward to seeing all of you at a distance in September! 🙂 I hope that you are enjoying speaking with your new teacher on the phone, you are going to have such a wonderful, fantastic year 🙂

Now, I reaaaaallly want to finish The BFG before the summer holidays, so I’m going to be reading 2 chapters each day for you all (you lucky things!). Here are the next two chapters…

Enjoy 🙂

Take care,


Miss Jeffries x

Wonderful Porpoises

We are into our final week of Year 4 – how crazy does that sound?! We have all had a very strange year but the way you have all handled the situation, got on with your home learning and coped with the situation is so admirable and inspiring. I could not feel prouder to be your Year 4 Teacher.

How are you? How were your weekends? I had a lovely weekend spent with friends, catching up properly for the first time since March – a truly wonderful moment.

Here is the next chapter of ‘The BFG’…hopefully we’ll be able to finish it this week!!

Have a wonderful day and take care,


Miss Jeffries x

Playful Porpoises

Hello my wonderful, lovely porpoises

How are you feeling today?

It has been so so wonderful speaking to all of you on the phone. I feel so so humbled and lucky that I got to be your teacher this year. If any of you are feeling worried after our conversation about you having a new teacher, I am still here for you and you can still email me. You are going to have such a wonderful year, learning all sorts of new wonderful things.

For now, though, let’s listen to the next two chapters of The BFG...

(yesterdays one because Miss Jeffries forgot to upload it – silly me! and today’s one) –

Enjoy 🙂

Lots of love,

Miss Jeffries x

Precious Porpoises

Good morning!

Welcome to Tuesday!! Another day, another fun load of learning & activities… As always, I am very proud of each of you and your complete resilience and strength during these hard times, your positive spirits each day inspire me!

We are carrying on with our story ‘The BFG’. It was great to read your reactions to yesterday’s chapter, particularly Blake’s who said he would faint if the bloodbottler came to England!! We definitely do not want that. Let’s see who / what we are going to come across in today’s chapter…

Let me know what you thought of this chapter, in the comments below.

Take care and stay safe,

Lots of love

Miss Jeffries x

Positive Porpoises

Happy Monday Porpoise Class!

How are you all? How have your weekends been? I’ve had a lovely weekend spent with good friends, and I got to enjoy lunch with my grandparents for the first time since March – such a great feeling to be able to spend time with them again!

This week, we are carrying on with The BFG for our story time –

The next chapter is called ‘The Bloodbottler’

  • How does the Bloodbottler make you feel? Why?
  • Would you like to be Sophie and live with the BFG? Why/why not?
  • How do you think Sophie is feeling? Are there any adjectives, adverbs or other descriptive language which makes you think this?

Comment below!

Take care,

Lots of love,

Miss Jeffries x

Courageous, strong Porpoises

Hello Porpoise class,

IT’S FRIDAY! We have made it through yet, another week of home learning. What a wonderful week it has been seeing lots more of your fantastic work and activities. I hope we are all feeling very proud of ourselves, and each other.

Thank you to your Parents and Carers for the fantastic support and help they are providing to each of you with your home learning!!

What has been your favourite home learning activity this week? Comment below and let me know…

Let’s carry on with our story, our final chapter for this week! (We shall carry on reading on Monday)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!! You deserve a restful, fun weekend with your family and/or friends. I look forward to hearing about them on Monday.

Take care and stay safe,


Miss Jeffries x