This half term, in Year 4, we will be focusing on teaching parts of the Year 3 curriculum that the children have not managed to learn in-depth due to the Coronavirus lockdown. We will be trying to catch them up, in order for them to achieve and succeed to their full potential in Year 4.


We will be starting off by focusing on Grammar and word types in order for us to work towards some bigger pieces of fiction and non-fiction writing – using characters, plots, themes and practicing using organisational devices such as paragraphs, headings and subheadings effectively.


We will be working on our fluency in place value to then move towards mastering the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – and the different formal and informal methods we can use to solve these.


This term, we will be particularly focusing on the religion of Hinduism – their worship, celebrations and lifestyle.


We will hold a focus on recognising and maintaining healthy friendships. We will also be learning about the different aspects to successfully live in the wider world, including understanding why we have rules and laws; resolution strategies; what it means to be part of a positive community. Within this, we recognise that October is Black History Month and as a year group, we want to ensure that we are honouring this and teaching the children about black history and its heritage, culture and achievements.


This term, we will be focusing on teaching and revisiting the Roman Empire, including how the Romans lived; the different attempts made to invade Britain and why; the three key Roman emperors who attempted and succeeded in invading Britain.


Using maps and atlases, we are going to be focusing on Europe – the different countries; using directions to describe where different countries are in Europe and work to identify key physical and human characteristics of countries and major cities.


We are going to spend time revisiting and learning about many different aspects of the Year 3 science curriculum, in order to ensure they are confident and secure in their knowledge. This will begin with Animals including Humans (focusing on the purpose of the skeleton and muscles) and the move onto Rocks (identifying and comparing different types); Plants (in particular, the roles and functions of the different parts); Forces and Magnets and then Light and Shadows.

Spanish will see us learning and reviewing our knowledge of numbers, colours and greetings; D.T. will involve us being keen designers of a school uniform for a Sky Academy and Computing will see us securing our essential knowledge of e-safety, as well as understanding further how to communicate using emails and research effectively.

We are certain that, although jam packed, this will be a successful and enjoyable term for the children especially, but also the teachers!