Learning at Home

As a school, we all recognise that this is a strange start to a new academic year. We acknowledge that at various points, your child may need to self-isolate. We, as staff and teachers of the school, value the importance of your child’s learning and do not want them to miss out on anymore crucial learning opportunities.

To enable your child to stay up-to-date with what is happening in school, each day, the Year 4 team will be posting 3 lessons. Each day will include: 1 English lesson, 1 Maths lesson and 1 Topic lesson.

These will be set out in a way which is easily understandable for your child and which has clear expectations and guidance for your child to successfully complete the learning activity.

There will be: learning content, a model of what the activity should look like, and questions to support and extend your child’s learning.

We do not want you, as parents/carers, to feel pressured or worried about your child’s learning and so we will do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible for both you and your child.

You will be able to easily access these through a ‘Learning at Home’ side bar on the right hand side of the Year 4 blog site. Please see the guided images below to help you navigate this:

When on the Year 4 blog site, scroll down your page. You will find ‘Learning at Home’ on the right hand side.
Click on the drop down list, and choose the subject you wish to find work for. The most recent work will be at the top of the page.

At the beginning of each week, one of the Year 4 team at Selsdon will post a ‘guide’ for the week, this will advise you as to which topic subject will be taught on each day.

Please ensure that you and/or your child is signed up to the Year 4 blog, so that you are aware when the work is up. We will be posting the lessons at 8:30am each day. If you are unsure how to sign up to the blog, please see our ‘How to comment on the blog’ page:

We will be looking to provide feedback to your child surrounding their work, to ensure their learning is maximised. Please ensure their work is emailed to the Year 4 team at the end of each day:

year4@selsdonprimary.org.uk (please also feel free to use this email to ask us any questions if you are unsure).

As always, we thank you and are extremely grateful for your continued support and cooperation with us! 🙂