Where does money come from?

In PSHE today, we spent time learning about money; why we need money, where we can get money from and why we choose to go to work.

Porpoise class had some really interesting discussions about where we can get money from, whether we go to work or don’t go to work, as well as discussing why people choose to go to work. The children are very insightful and knew a whole array of ways to get money including working; selling things online through things such as eBay; as well as from services such as the Government. Some even said ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’!

We created some Job Advertisements to encourage deeper thinking surrounding the skills someone might need for that job; what that job entails and why someone would want to do that job. Take a look at our work in progress:

I was particularly amazed by how much they have picked up and understood about what it means to be a Teacher and what skills I need to have and bring to work each day!